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The creative energy on our stages is irresistible and the Center has many programs and ensembles to participate with. From comedies, tragedies, dramas and musicals with Center Stage Theatre to contemporary and classical choral ensembles by the Choirs of the Center, our stages feature award winning community-based programs. View all of our shows and events to discover the programs by the Midland Symphony Orchestra as well as touring artists and companies!

Center Stage Theatre

2020/21 Season Coming Soon

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About Center Stage Theatre

Center Stage Theatre is a national award-winning volunteer theater program. Its performance season, draws tens of thousands of theater-goers from across the Great Lakes Bay Region and includes comedies, tragedies and musicals, from popular favorites to lesser-known titles. 

Peanut Gallery

2020/21 Season Coming Soon

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About the Peanut Gallery

Peanut Gallery is the youth theater division of Center Stage Theatre. Each season, Peanut Gallery offers family-friendly productions featuring actors in fourth through eighth grade, and a summer production for ages 13 through 21.

Choirs of the Center

2020/21 Season Coming Soon

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About the Choirs of the Center

Community participation has been the lifeblood of Center Stage Choirs for more than 55 years. Its performance season draws audiences from across the Great Lakes Bay Region and includes an exciting variety of choral programs.

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Theatre Education for Youth

Theater Education

Activities to foster future actors and theatre technicians for all ages in the greater Midland area.
Girls in Theater seats

First time coming to a show with us?

Here's useful information before your visit. We also have a children's go-to guide for families.


Center Stage Theatre and Choirs of the Center provide members of the community to perform on stage, check out our upcoming auditions!
Once on this Island

Broadway & Beyond

Discover Broadway musicals, intriguing comedians, artists from around the world, symphonic masterworks, theater and more!