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Support for Under-served Groups and Individuals in our Community

For over 50 years, Midland Center for the Arts has been a jewel in our community – creating wonder, inspiring learning, and taking us to places we’ve never been. Learn how you can benefit from and make performing and visual arts, science and history experiences accessible for everyone in the Great Lakes Bay Region with Midland Centers' Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund.

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Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund

Bus Grants

Transportation cost reimbursement grants are available to qualifying schools. Qualifying schools may receive up to one (1) grants a year (September-August). Grants cover up to 50% of transportation expenses; follow-up documentation must be received by Center staff to receive the grant.

Transportation cost reimbursement grants are available for school matinee and museum tour field trips to qualifying schools. 

Applications for transportation grants for Center field trips for the ‘23-‘24 school year are currently being accepted. Funds are limited.

Contact for more information or fill out the form below.

Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund

Individual Scholarships

Scholarship requests for 2024 Summer Camp Programs ONLY are currently being accepted; funds are extremely limited. Scholarships applications for Youth Theater, Youth Choirs, and Studio School classes are closed.
  • Funds are typically reserved for tuition or tickets only; student-supplied materials are not included. Scholarships cover up to 50% of the tuition or ticket cost.
  • Applications due by program registration deadline for which scholarship funds are requested.
  • Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. One application per individual per year (September - August).

Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund

Group Scholarships

  • Community groups, organizations, and schools requiring assistance in providing cultural opportunities for their members, including museum visits, theatrical and musical events may apply. 
  • Priority will be given to requests on behalf of under-served groups and organizations.
  • Submit applications as soon as possible; applications are reviewed and funds granted based on available funds and tickets for the requested event.
  • Organizations and schools may receive one (1) scholarship per year (September-August). If multiple classrooms in one school building intend to attend the museum or performance event, they are encouraged to apply as a larger group.
  • Art from the Heart Scholarships cover up to 50% of admission costs for applying group.

Applications for group scholarships for museum, school matinee, and performance programs are no longer being accepted. Groups attending museum tours or school matinee programs are encouraged to apply for a transportation grant. Scholarship funds are extremely limited.

Help Make the Arts Accessible to All

Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund

The Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund is made possible through special fundraiser ticket sales, the generosity of individual donors and grants from a variety of sources. Donations are very welcomed and needed. Donate here or contact the Ticket Office at 800-523-7649.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Youth Theatre Scholarship

Youth Scholarships to attend other study opportunities with a focus in theatre