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Art, Science & History Education Your Students Will Love!

We are proud to continue to support Great Lakes Bay teachers and home educators who wish to introduce their students to the wonder of art, science, and history through educational opportunities at the Center!

The Center currently requires all patrons over the age of 2, staff, and volunteers to wear masks while in the building, regardless of vaccination status to protect the youngest visitors that cannot yet be vaccinated. All school groups, including all students, parents, and faculty will abide by Center health and safety requirements in place at the time of visit.

Field Trips

Uncover the intersection of art & science with your classroom at the Museum or a Matinee Performance.

Distance Learning

Explore visual art, science and history with online lessons facilitated by the Center's educators.


Bring the stage and science lab into your classroom with outreach programs for students PreK - 12 grade.

Teacher Resources

Everything educators need to know about Midland Center for the Arts in place! Learn about our engaging hands-on workshops and presentations, inspiring school matinees and interactive exhibits that bring science, history and the arts to life! All programs are aligned with the Grade Level Content Expectations for grades PreK-12.

Teacher Advisory Group

The Teacher Advisory Group will support the Center’s efforts to deepen educational impact in history, visual art, science, and performing arts through its insight, expertise, and advocacy.

Scholarships/Bus Grants

Learn how you can benefit from and make performing and visual arts, science and history experiences accessible for everyone in the Great Lakes Bay Region with Midland Centers' Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund.

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