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Exciting Matinee Performances!

Get on your feet for a season full of opportunities to engage your class with performances at the Center.  Take advantage of these exciting opportunities to bring your classroom to the Center for a LIVE performance that connects to your curriculum!

Educational groups of 10 or more qualify for matinee pricing and attendance. 

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2024/25 Matinee Performances

When considering what performance to attend with your students, please be sure to check the grade-level recommendations and curriculum connections provided by the artist for each show. If you have questions, please reach out to our staff.

2024/25 Matinee Reservations will begin AUG 1, 2024!

All tickets for students and adults are $5.00 / Curriculum guides and social stories will be provided for each show before the show date

Educators are responsible for determining the best fit for their grade level

Doktor Kaboom

Doktor Kaboom: Look Out! Science is Coming!

JAN 17, 2025 / 10 AM
Recommended for Grades 2 - 6
$5 / Per Person for Students & Adults

Grab your lab coats & safety goggles! Doktor Kaboom's one-man show reminds all that science is for everyone! Explore the wonders of the scientific method with laugh-out-loud humor and dynamic demonstrations.

Curriculum Connections: embedded inquiry, matter, energy, motion, forces of nature, theater, lab safety, self-confidence, respect, teamwork and collaboration

PAIGE IN FULL with Paige Hernandez

FEB 3, 2025/ 10 AM
Recommended for Grades 6 - 10
$5 / Per Person for Students & Adults

Paige in Full is a visual mix-tape that blends poetry, dance, visual arts, and live music to tell the tale of a multicultural girl growing up in Baltimore, MD. The production explores how a young woman’s identity is shaped by her ethnicity and popular culture, telling a personal, yet universal, story through the lens of hip-hop.

“Her work was extraordinary – her show is smart, engaging, challenging, and relevant. The students laughed hard, got up and danced, went silent when the story turned serious, and stood cheering at the end.” – Aimée M. Petrin, Executive Director, Portland Ovations, Portland, Maine

Watch a trailer for Paige in Full

Curriculum Connections: Storytelling, poetry, dance, music, theater, culture, community, teamwork and collaboration



MAR 10, 2025 / 10 AM
Recommended Grades PreK - 2
$5 / Per Person for Students & Adults

Timbalooloo is an interactive and educational musical party that introduces children to melodies, rhythms, and instruments used by musicians across the globe. The performance starts off with a problem: Oran’s friend Clara was excited to come to the concert, but she fell asleep. He brought her to the concert anyway - in her bed! The kids join Oran in singing to wake her up and discover her name is Clara Net…Oran’s clarinet! With more singing, clapping, dancing and drumming, children see all of the instruments onstage come to life and learn that making music means bringing their own character, humor and emotion to their artistry.


Curriculum connections: Music, rhythm, melody, instruments, geography, world cultures, teamwork and cooperation

Step Afrika!

APR 25, 2025 / 10 AM
Recommended for Grades K - 12
$5 / Per Person for Students & Adults

Step Afrika! is the first professional dance company dedicated to the tradition of stepping, a dance that uses the body as an instrument, combining footsteps, claps, and spoken words to produce complex rhythms. Combining the dance traditions of historically African American fraternities and sororities, traditional West and Southern African dances, and an array of contemporary dance and art forms Step Afrika! integrates songs, storytelling, humor, and audience participation into a heart-pounding experience.

Watch a trailer for Step Afrika!

Curriculum connections: History, geography, culture, dance, music, rhythm

Scholarships/Bus Grants

Learn how you can benefit from and make performing and visual arts, science and history experiences accessible for everyone in the Great Lakes Bay Region with Midland Centers' Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund.

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