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Educational Programs at Your Location

Can't make it to Midland Center for the Arts? We can come to you with one of our on-site, hands-on, educational experiences for participants of all ages. Outreach programs must be arranged at least two weeks in advance. All programs are aligned with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. For a listing of standards met by specific programs, please email

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Hands-On Art, Science & History Workshops

Can’t make it to the Center? Let us come to you with one of our on-site workshops! Educators will present a curriculum-connected 45 - 60 minute workshop to your students. $125 for one classroom ($75 for additional classrooms)

Classroom Maximum 30 students. Additional travel fees apply for all on-site programs at a rate of $0.60 per mile.
Discover the magic of magnets through art! Learn how objects levitate, float, and move during an engaging story time. Watch your students create a unique masterpiece by exploring the basic properties of magnetism while using their artistic skills! Grades PreK-K
Come explore the wonders of music and sounds with our friend Yellow Cello! Enjoy story time with this one-of-a-kind story written by Bay City author Rae Chesny that inspires teamwork, creativity, and friendship. Listen to music composed for the Yellow Cello book as students will explore the anatomy of a cello and create music. Midland Center for the Arts Education Department has created a workbook that includes follow-up curriculum activities, coloring pages, and more! Grades PreK-3
Journey around the world through music! Explore the wonders of musical instruments by learning simple rhythm patterns with different instruments around the world. Students will feel the beat with dancing and creating their own songs with the invention of a musical instrument. Grades PreK-5
Enhance your classroom’s matinee experience and let Midland Center for the Arts bring innovation and imagination to your classroom with Spark!Lab! Students will learn the steps of invention as they create, innovate, collaborate, and problemsolve through hands-on activities inspired by the stories of Andrea Beaty. Students will explore the scientific process as they experiment in the chemistry lab like Ada Twist, engineer a flying machine like Rosie Revere, and work as a team to construct a bridge just like Iggy Peck and his classmates! Grades K-4

Pair this with the Rosie Revere, Engineer School Matinee performance!

Available only FEB 19 - APR 19, 2024.
Students will learn about the engineering design process and the causes and effects of erosion as they work to devise a way to prevent beach erosion. Grades 1-5.
See history in motion as we learn how innovations in transportation shaped Michigan! From the Erie Canal to the revolution of the auto industry, students will discover how changes in transportation led to the settlement of Michigan. Along with the history lesson, students will be able to design and craft their own object of transportation. Grades 3-5
Explore the world of comics and graphic novels while learning about the literary and artistic aspects of the genre. Students will discover the basics of illustration, narrative writing, and bookbinding to create their own graphic novel. Students will enhance their work using dialogue and character development. Grades 3-12
Blast off into the world of rockets! Students will watch interactive demonstrations while learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion. After a brief history of rocket science, students will be able to design, create, and test their own miniature straw rockets! Grades 6-12

2023/24 Library Opportunities

Book all hands-on workshops as well as our summer ADVENTURE library programs!

Go on an adventure with Midland Center for the Arts with these 45-60 minute workshops. We encourage science, learning, and creativity while allowing library staff to sit back and enjoy the excitement of all those participating at your location.
Be a nautical adventurer as we explore the sea! Learn about the world of pirates with an engaging reading of the book How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long. Follow along to some pirate songs while learning pirate dance moves, and have a chance to create your own pirate treasure!
Journey into the rich culture of Polynesia. Learn about the Polynesian culture through a short story, music, dances, and handcrafts!
Explore the wonders of the U.S. National Parks! Travel to the beautiful forests, pristine beaches, dry deserts, and breathtaking mountains. Look through travel guides and create your own travel collage.
Become an engineer and design ways to travel the world! Learn about the great explorers that sailed across seas and flew into the beyond. Using STEM, create a transportation machine that flies or floats so you can travel the world too!

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$50 / PER ADD-ON
Additional travel fees apply for all outreach programs at a rate of $0.60 per mile.

Museum Field Trips

Take you class through hands-on experiences that demonstrate the wonders of where art, science and history collide in one of these exciting exhibits this school year! All programs are aligned with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. For a listing of standards met by specific programs or to schedule a workshop for your class, please fill out the form linked.