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Educational Programs at Your Location

Can't make it to Midland Center for the Arts? We can come to you with one of our on-site, hands-on, educational experiences for participants of all ages. Outreach programs must be arranged at least two weeks in advance. All programs are aligned with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. For a listing of standards met by specific programs, please email

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2024/25 Hands-On Workshops

Let us bring the learning to you! Our education team will present a curriculum-connected 45 - 60 minute workshop to your classroom or after-school program.

Featuring MASTERPIECES ON THE MOVE / This brand-new program will revolutionize the way students experience art. We are thrilled to introduce Masterpieces on the Move, a program that brings renowned artworks to your location and pairs them with hands-on exploration. Get ready to embark on a journey through the world of art history and witness where science meets creativity! Four workshops available for booking:

Learn about weather systems with brushstrokes! Students will learn the science of the weather portrayed within their Monet's artworks. Students can then search through weather sensory bins and create their own version of a Monet masterpiece!
Explore how artists have portrayed our Earth throughout history through paintings of wide-open fields, vast seas and bustling cities. Learn the science behind the land formation within the artwork with some hands-on exploration.

Splat! Drip! Splash! Meet some artists who aren't afraid to get a little messy to create stunning visual art. Students will analyze their art of From Jackson Pollock, Sam Gilliam, Joan Mitchell, and Elaine de Kooning and then get a chance to be art detectives.

Art history is full of amazing artists who used multiple mediums to push boundaries! From Vincent Van Gogh to Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo, learn all about the background of some of the most famous names in art. Students can then showcase their creativity by designing a social media page for their favorite art influencer.

Come explore the wonders of music, friendship, and teamwork with the new book Hello Yellow Cello by Bay City author Rae Chesny!

Explore the world of comics and graphic novels while learning about the literary and artistic aspects of the genre.
See history in motion as we learn how innovations in transportation shaped Michigan!
NEW! Embark on a thrilling journey through time! Students will become young historians as they delve into the fascinating world of primary and secondary resources from various historical periods.
NEW! Students will compare, contrast, and explore living in Michigan today to the past as they travel back in time to 1861 during the Civil War.
Discover the magic of magnets through art!
Through movement, song, and science students will understand the water cycle.
Through demonstrations and hands-on experiences, students will explore the magic of storytelling by understanding the science of light.
Students will watch interactive demonstrations while learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion and design, build, and test their own miniature rockets!
$100 for one classroom of up to 30 students / $50 each additional classroom
Mileage charged separately

Portable Planetarium

Introduce your students to the wonders of space science with a portable planetarium visit to your school! Planetarium presentations can accommodate up to 20 students per group.

Planetarium / $150 for up to 40 students, $50 for additional groups up to 20 students

Students will journey through the night sky as they learn about the stars, constellations and phases of the moon. Discover the causes of moon phases as we model the earth, moon and sun systems.
Students will discover the motion of our solar system as they look at the movements of the earth that give us day and night and the seasons. Students will explore the effects of gravity and more.
Students will explore the age, energy sources, and structure of our closest star, the Sun. They will also discover the Sun’s role in supporting life on Earth and more.

Celebrate National Parks Week

2025 Special Workshops


Explore the wonders of the U.S. National Parks! Travel to the beautiful forests, pristine beaches, dry deserts, and breathtaking mountains. Look through travel guides and create your own travel souvenir.

Curriculum Connections: History of National Parks, natural sciences, and environmental conservation.

Journey into the rich culture of Polynesia. Learn about Polynesian culture through a short story, music, dances, and handcrafts!

Curriculum Connections: Cultural appreciation, movement and dance, storytelling, natural science and symbolism, and community

$100 for one classroom of up to 30 students / $50 each additional classroom
Mileage charged separately
Round Trip Mileage for On-site Education Programs:
0 - 15 MILES $0
16 - 30 MILES $15
31+ MILES $.67 /per mile

Museum Field Trips

Take you class through hands-on experiences that demonstrate the wonders of where art, science and history collide in one of these exciting exhibits this school year! All programs are aligned with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. For a listing of standards met by specific programs or to schedule a workshop for your class, please fill out the form linked.

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