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School Visits That Compliment Your Curriculum

At the Center, we have designed all programs to align with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. For a listing of standards met by specific programs, and to explore current field trip availability, please email us at

Student Matinees

Get on your feet for a season full of opportunities to engage your class with performances at the Center. Opportunities exist for you to bring your classroom into the Auditorium for a performance, or engaging virtual experiences to enjoy from the comforts of your classroom.

Museum Exhibits

Take you class through hands-on experiences that demonstrate the wonders of where art, science and history collide in one of these exciting exhibits this school year! All programs are aligned with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. For a listing of standards met by specific programs or to schedule a workshop for your class, please email

Explore one of the upcoming exhibits below:

Upcoming Exhibits

Greater Michigan Art Exhibition (GMAE)

A 50th Retrospective of Previous Winners
SEP 18 – NOV 6, 2021

For over 50 years, the Alden B. Dow Museum of Art and Science has showcased the most recent developments by Michigan artists through a statewide competition. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Midland Center for the Arts, we will be honoring the winners of the GMAE of the past 50 years. The works will include work from artists including Charles Breed, Larry Butcher, Valeria Allen, Rebecca Zeiss just to name a few.

Electricity & Simple Machines

SEP 24 – NOV 14, 2021

This interactive hands-on exhibition explains how simple machines and electricity work. This exhibit features six simple machines: pulley, lever, wedge, screw, wheel and axle, and inclined plane as well as exhibitions on electrical circuits, our Light Bright Wall, incandescent vs. LED light and plasma. You will learn how simple machines help us with everyday tasks and make it easier to do tasks. You will also learn about electrons, the light bulb and the effects of charged particles such as static electricity.

Discover how electricity affects the world in all forms through electromagnets, static electricity and plasma during interactive demonstrations! Then, create your own simple circuits. Grades 3-8

The Kingdom

NOV 26, 2021 – JAN 16, 2022

This selection of artworks comes from members of the world’s oldest and most prestigious international animal art organization. These juried works feature diverse species and habitats from artists around the globe. From the commonplace to the rarely seen, from the abundant to the endangered, the artwork depicted will engage and bestow upon the audience a greater appreciation and awareness of the species with whom we share our planet.

Holidays Around the World

DEC 3 – JAN 9, 2021

Discover the different traditions from around the world during the winter months including Kwanza, Hanukkah,
Mardi Gras, Christmas, etc. Learn about these traditions and why they are celebrated throughout the World.

After exploring holiday traditions around the world, we will journey back in time and explore some of the holiday traditions in Michigan during Victorian times. Explore objects from our Midland County Historical Society collection and make your own holiday craft. Grades PreK-8

Biomes of the World

JAN 21 – MAY 29, 2022

You will explore the major biomes around the world including the aquatic, forests, grasslands, desert and tundra. Each biome will include information on the plants, animals and the unique characteristics that make these biomes different from each other. There will be live animal ambassadors in some of the biomes for visitors to learn more about the different species that make these biomes their home.

Explore some of the amazing adaptions of native plants and animals. Students will participant in hands-on experiments as they create a camouflage fish, observe the power of color-changing deciduous trees and more! Grades PreK-5

3D Expression

FEB 8 – APR 24, 2022

SAQA’s Global Exhibition 3D Expression offers an intriguing glimpse into a new dimension of art quilts creatively interpreted by artists from 14 US states and 10 countries. The wide variety of pieces selected by juror Bruce Hoffman include vessels, wearables, wall-pieces and sculptural artworks. This cutting-edge exhibition shows how textile art can come off the wall and expand both into the third dimension and into the future. See art quilts in a whole new way!

Explore the elements of art and principles of design as you take the exhibited works as inspiration. Participants will create 3D works of art as we focus on form, balance, composition and more! Projects will be adapted to meet grade-level appropriate techniques. Grades K-12

Included with Your Museum Field Trip

Spark!Lab® Smithsonian

Spark!Lab is a unique hands-on learning lab where visitors of all ages can explore what it means to be an inventor. Participants use their knowledge and provided materials to answer open-ended challenges. Creativity and collaboration abound in this safe space where if you fail it is just a first attempt in learning! Grades Preschool-12

Art From the Heart Scholarships

A limited number of group field trip scholarships are available. Early application is recommended. Forms can be downloaded here or pick-up at the Ticket Office

Questions? Please call (989) 631-5930 x 1227.

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