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Midland Center and Chippewa Nature Center Partner Together on New Exhibit Discovering Biomes of the World

You might not regularly think about the biome in which we live here in Michigan. With our many seasons like sunny summers and cold snowy winters, the environment we call home is unique and special to us – just like how other regions around the world have special attributes to them. Many of these elements are in part due to the biome in which they exist. A new exhibit at Midland Center for the Arts is allowing families to discover many of the prevalent biomes around the world in an interactive hands-on exhibit through partnerships with the Chippewa Nature Center.

“Here in Midland, we live in a temperate deciduous forest, which means that we have four seasons and each autumn the beautiful colored leaves on our trees fall to cover the ground,” described Jennifer Kanyo, Director of Education at Midland Center for the Arts. “When we describe what makes our home so beautiful and unique here in the Great Lakes Bay Region, much of it is due to the beautiful biome that we are located within – and this exhibit is a fun way for families to further understand many other ecosystems around the globe.”

The new exhibit at Midland Center for the Arts explores several of the major biomes including aquatic, forests, grasslands, desert and tundra. But within each of those biomes exists a community of living organisms that thrive on the climate. Through a special partnership with the Chippewa Nature Center, visitors will learn about the animals in each biome and an opportunity to interact with live animal ambassadors.

“Chippewa Nature Center is excited to partner with the Center for their Biomes of the World exhibit by providing mounts and bird nests from our natural history collection, as well as offering several special programs and events related to the exhibit,” said Jenn Kirts, Director of Programs at Chippewa Nature Center. “Partnerships help us reach new audiences through exhibits, programs and experiences, all with the goal of helping people connect to nature in meaningful ways.”

Upcoming events surround the exhibit and in partnership with Chippewa Nature Center include:

  • Snakes Alive! Discovering the World of Snakes / Feb. 26 at 1 p.m. Snakes may be one of the most feared and misunderstood animals, but after attending this program, you’ll see how fascinating and beneficial these beautiful reptiles can be. Join CNC Interpretive Naturalist and snake enthusiast Michelle Fournier for this live snake program. All are invited to get as close a look at the snakes as you feel comfortable at Midland Center for the Arts, tickets are required for this event!

  • Landscaping for Wildlife / Apr. 14 at 6:30 p.m. Wildlife depend on healthy habitats where they can find food, water, and shelter. Small changes to the landscape around our homes can make our backyards more welcoming for a variety of wildlife, from bees and butterflies to birds and amphibians. Join Chippewa Nature Center’s Director of Programs, Jenn Kirts, to learn how your backyard can support local wildlife at Midland Center for the Arts, tickets are required for this event.

  • Spring Nature Walk / May 7 at 2 p.m. Enjoy the sights and sounds of spring with a casual guided trail walk at Chippewa Nature Center. We’ll use binoculars to look for migrating birds, discover wildflowers on the forest floor and visit the ponds to look and listen for calling frogs. This event is available with FREE admission.

In addition to this STEM exhibit, the Center is hosting an art exhibition for an intriguing glimpse into a new dimension of art quilts creatively interpreted by artists from 14 U.S. state and 10 countries. The art exhibition, 3D Expression, is open now through April 24 with a wide variety of pieces including vessels, wearables, wall-pieces and sculptural artworks. “Our current art exhibition is a fascinating and cutting-edge display of how textile art can come off the wall and expand both into the third dimension and into the future,” added Kanyo.

Both exhibits are now open weekly for viewing Fridays 12 – 4 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., and Sundays 12 – 4 p.m. 3D Expression is open through April 24 in the lobby spaces at Midland Center for the Arts, with Biomes of the World open through May 29 in the former Lounge space off the Center’s main lobby.

Both exhibits are available for $3 per person and FREE for Museum Members, which includes access to our hands-on learning lab, Spark!Lab® Smithsonian. If you are a performance ticket holder you are invited to arrive early to performances at the Center to explore parts of the 3D Expression exhibit before the show. Learn more about these exhibits along with other Museum events by visiting Biomes of the World is made possible through the support of Three Rivers Corporation and QRP.

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Josh Holliday

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