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Midland County Historical Society Solicits Personal Events to be Included in Historical Archives about International Pandemic

We have heard it and we have stated it, these are unprecedented times. A time that will be looked upon as a challenging moment in history, as a nation and as a global society. While Midland County has seen the effects of the coronavirus both in diagnosis of its residents and the daily routine of individuals, the virus has also affected businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, places of worship and more. This is not only happening in Midland County, but around the world.

As the Midland County Historical Society continues to fulfill its mission of preserving the county’s archives, it is also seeking the contribution of Midland County residents to document their experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “This is such a unique time in history,” said Jacob Huss, Historical Programs Manager. “As the pandemic continues to evolve, we are seeing so many amazing stories shared on social media and in other areas of our community about how the region is responding. The Midland County Historical Society is in the beginning stages of actively collecting and seeking out these stories for the Archives, but we need your help.”

In prominent moments in history, such as this, society looks back to learn about the way our community responds to cataclysmic events while discovering the individual stories of those that experienced it first-hand. In this age of communication, the Historical Society is watching the entire world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in real time. These crucial months will be studied and written about for years to come. From the stories of essential workers on the front lines, to families working remotely in the safety of their homes, and even those that are unemployed due to the impact on the local economy, we are living history. It is an opportunity for the public to help ensure Midland County, and its peoples’ experiences, can be remembered.

Individuals looking to document their story are advised to keep a journal, tell your story about what you are feeling, and write about how the coronavirus has affected your every day life. “If you are photographing current events, please consider contributing those to the archives so future generations can see how we responded,” said Crystal Laudeman, archivist with the Midland County Historical Society. “It is only through members of the community that we can document these events. We cannot simply collect photos from social media. We need them donated directly to the archive. We hope members of the community will assist us in arranging a time to transfer them to our systems.”

There is power in the stories of Midland County residents, archival information that will be useful and interesting for many years to come. To learn more about the Midland County Historical Society, the archives or documenting your story, please contact Jake Huss at

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Josh Holliday

Josh Holliday

Josh Holliday is the former Director of Communications at Midland Center for the Arts. Telling the stories of artists, innovators and modern day explorers!

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