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Children wearing yellow safety jackets and playing with blue foam construction pillars in the Build It exhibit at Midland Center
A child cutting out a paper mask.
Young children are playing with fake food items in a play area in the Hall of Ideas
A group of children are playing with different hands-on experiment activities. Bowls are set out on a table with children interacting.
A child is playing with a plasma globe in a museum exhibit

Science & Art

Pop-Up Exhibits

While our team is working tirelessly with state and national levels to repair and improve our facilities from the historic flooding of May 2020, The Center continues to bring exciting and engaging pop-up exhibits of Art and Science inside our main building.

A woman working on a drawing at a desk in the Studio School at Midland Center
A person working diligently on a ceramic piece

Science & Art

Classes & Camps

The Center offers a wide array of educational classes and camps from the visual to performing arts, history, science and more. From Youth Classes in theatre and art to Studio School Adult Classes of many mediums... discover your next adventure at the Center!

Audience members in the Little Theater applauding / Join the E-Club

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