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Center of Possibility Capital Campaign

For more than 50 years, Midland Center for the Arts has been a regional destination for immersive exploration, historical research, artistic expression, and scientific discovery; and now, the Center invites the community to imagine and build an art and STEM Center filled with endless possibilities for learning, creativity, and connection.

While we work to build a restored, refreshed, and more open museum for scientific discovery and artistic expression, follow us for exciting new museum programs in tandem with our Pop-Up Exhibitions!

Continuing to Secure FEMA Dollars for the Recovery Of Our Facilities

Our teams are working tirelessly with the local, state and national levels to secure the necessary funding to repair and improve our facilities from what was lost in the historic flooding of May 2020.

The Center continues to bring exciting and engaging exhibits of Art and Science inside our main building, click below for more information and to visit our current exhibits.

Museum Membership

We need our members more than ever during this time. We are still offering many benefits and opportunities for our Museum Members, and exclusive opportunities to visit our Current Exhibits and Events, or to use your membership at hundreds of Museums around the globe!
Chicago Field Museum
Air Zoo

Explore Museums Wherever You Visit

By having a Museum Membership you gain access to FREE or discounted admission to hundreds of Science Centers and History Museums all around the world. Be a member with us in Midland and experience benefits wherever you travel!