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Where A Sense of Wonder is Cultivated

For more than 50 years, Midland Center for the Arts has been a regional destination for immersive exploration, historical research, artistic expression and scientific discovery; and now, the Center invites the community to imagine and build an art and STEM Center filled with endless possibilities for learning, creativity and connection.
images provided are conceptual only

Cutting-Edge Art & STEM Museum

A restored, refreshed and more open museum for scientific discovery and artistic expression. The Hall of Idea’s iconic architectural rings in the Alden B. Dow Museum will be more visible, reestablishing the museum’s unique and powerful center.

Exhibit spaces will expand, including a fully renovated lower level for additional exploration, providing a total of five floors of science and art exhibition space. With cutting-edge technology and fully interactive exhibits, the new museum will envision the Michigan of tomorrow.
images provided are conceptual only

Professional Historical Research Archive

An accessible and technologically advanced historical archive that is professionally maintained and available for public research and understanding in the Center’s main building. This will serve as an interactive space where community history comes alive and is celebrated.
images provided are conceptual only

World-Class Art Studios

A pillar of the facility, the art studios will be redesigned and moved to an accessible and highly-visible space in the building for both professional art instruction and creative endeavors that encompass a variety of artistic mediums.
images provided are conceptual only

Elevated Guest Experience

A new, centralized main entry and lobby space will immerse patrons in the true intersection of art and science by offering striking, multi-level views into the interactive museum exhibits. Redesigned, modern activity spaces throughout the Center will provide numerous opportunities for community gatherings, meetings and celebrations.

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