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Midland Center for the Arts Calls Out for Women Storytellers

What starts as a life experience develops into a memory and can then be transformed into a story. Storytelling has the power to bring joy, laughter and entertainment, and, in some cases, create influence. For all of U.S. history, women in society have been strong, bold and intentional to inspire change and, in fact, change the world.


To celebrate Women’s History Month in March 2020, the Midland Center for the Arts is collaborating with Here:Say Storytelling to stage ROAR!, an evening of live storytelling featuring true, first-person stories by people from the Great Lakes Bay Region who have tried to change the world, or their own corner of it, by embracing the anthem “I am woman, hear me roar!” The event is part of the 2019-20 Perspectives Series, designed to bring together community partners to open doors for conversation about civic topics and artistic ideas through education, storytelling and creativity.


“This series explores why women’s achievements and contributions aren’t fully recognized across the board by society, but in particular in our art, our media, and accounts of our history,” says Katie Miller, Manager of Community Engagement at the Center. “This lack of awareness and celebration begs the question: what example are we setting for those to come when we encourage them to change the world or achieve greatness, but we only talk about 50% of those who do? Not only are we exploring the root causes of this issue, but working to change the pattern by celebrating the stories of those around us here at home.”


Do you feel like you have an influential story to share? Storytelling experience is not required. All story pitches that relate to the theme and follow a live storytelling format will be considered. “The Pitch Your Story” page on the Here:Say website provides details about the components of live storytelling,” said Karen Stein, Creative Director of Here: Say Storytelling. “This event will showcase performers at all levels of storytelling experience, each with a memorable story to share.”


Interested individuals should visit to submit a pitch by January 2020. To prepare their stories for a live audience, Stein will work with the selected storytellers in a one-on-one development process via email and a group workshop with other performers before the show.


To listen to examples of live storytelling, you can listen to Here:Say’s podcast on Podbean, iTunes or Stitcher. For additional information, please contact Katie Miller at

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Josh Holliday

Josh Holliday

Josh Holliday is the former Director of Communications at Midland Center for the Arts. Telling the stories of artists, innovators and modern day explorers!

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