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International Pandemic Positions Midland Symphony Orchestra to Present a Virtual Concert

Though separated physically by self-isolation, members of the Midland Symphony Orchestra have come together to present its spring concert as a virtual experience for ticketholders and season subscribers. “While we aren’t able to come together at this time, we know that our friends and audiences are at home, missing the concert we all planned to attend this week,” said Dr. Matt Travis, Director of Choral & Orchestral Programs. The Midland Symphony Orchestra was scheduled to perform Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 7 on Saturday, April 18, but will now present a virtual concert featuring a repertoire of music selected by principal musicians of the orchestra.

As orchestras across the globe are cancelling and postponing concerts, and even exploring ways to continue to engage their audience online, the Midland Symphony saw an opportunity to still gather with patrons - but virtually. Finding a place for meaning and connection is at the core of Midland Center for the Arts’ mission, parent organization of the orchestra. While audiences won’t be able to interact face-to-face, the Center is building a community of patrons to get dressed up, whether that is a full tuxedo or ones’ best pair of pajamas, and join neighbors for an evening of classical music.

“Several of our principal players from the orchestra have selected a piece representative of this time in history to record. We’ve taken these recordings and have composed a video concert that our patrons will be able to watch at home,” said Dr. Travis. “We think Patrons will enjoy this opportunity to experience our orchestra in their own way at home, be it in pajamas while eating popcorn or in gowns with home cooked feasts.”

At the onset of the global pandemic, Midland Center created a virtual community for people to remain engaged with art, science and history using the hashtag #MakeArtVirtual. This concert is another effort to continue to stay connected while practicing social distancing. “We miss our patrons and the opportunity to be together,” said Midland Center President & CEO Terri Trotter. “While we won’t be physically together for this concert, we will still have a shared experience, enjoying the talent of our orchestra members during this isolating time. We are particularly excited about the repertoire being performed in this concert and the broad appeal it will for lots of different people.”

The concert will feature 12 members of the Orchestra performing works from Bach and Brahms to the Beatles. The broadcast will be offered exclusively to ticketholders and season subscribers on Saturday, April 18, with the concert made available to the public on Monday, April 20 at 2 p.m. as part of the broader virtual community initiative, #MakeArtVirtual.

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