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Behind the Basics

Explore the basics of painting and drawing as you learn about famous artists, work with the elements of art and principles of design and more!

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Additional Activities

Cezanne-Inspired Still Life

Learn about color theory and form as you create a still life painting inspired by Paul Cezanne.

Alphabet Art

Explore pattern and line as you create an imaginative creature using the first letter in your name

Picasso Self- Portrait

Students will create their own self-portrait using washable paint and oil pastel inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Imaginary Portrait series.

Virtual Summer Camp

Additional Resources

Check out these links for more fun & educational activities, all about the basics of painting and drawing!

Virtual Summer Camp

Explore Previous Week Activities

Where the Wild Things Roar

Check out these links for more fun & educational activities, all about animals and dinosaurs!


learn all about drawing, just give it a try! Explore color and value along with several other drawing techniques.

Journey Around the World

Learn about other cultures, both past and present, this week during virtual camp. We will be exploring ancient Vikings, medieval times and so much more!

Explore the Magic Behind Science

Instead of math, the “M” in STEM this week is for magic! Explore acids and bases, create a basic circuit, and other STEM activities in this magical week of virtual cam