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Swashbuckling on the Sea

Ahoy, mateys! We are going on an adventure over – and under- the sea this week in virtual camp! Campers will learn about marine biology, create mermaid and pirate themed crafts, and investigate the various properties of water. 

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Additional Activities

Tin Foil Boats

Explore buoyancy, density, and engineering in this simple activity that is always a hit with our campers!

Layers of the Ocean

Explore the properties of density and the different levels of the ocean in this hands-on

Porthole Craft

Make a fun craft with paper plates.

Salt Water Density Experiment

Explore buoyancy and density in the experiment that compares salt water and fresh water.

Virtual Summer Camp

Additional Resources

Check out these links for more fun & educational activities, all about marine biology!

Virtual Summer Camp

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