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FEB 23, 2021 / 7 PM
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a MATRIX:MIDLAND presentation

Groundbreaking new science is changing what we thought we knew about how dinosaurs looked, moved, and lived. New-found troves from the Moroccan desert suggest that the immense predator Spinosaurus spent much of its time in the water. And in Chile, scientists have discovered a shocking new therapod. Unlike its cousins, Velociraptor and T. rex, Chilesaurus consumed a vegetarian diet. Join leading paleontologists Nizar Ibrahim and Sebastián Rozadilla for stories and conversation about the evolving science of dinosaurs.

This virtual event is a 60-minute LIVE show with two NAT GEO speakers and a NAT GEO moderator. Each show includes an introduction, approximately 20 minutes of pre-recorded NAT GEO speakers’ presentations and approximately 40 minutes live conversations and moderated Q & A.

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FEB 23 / 7 PM

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Nizar Ibrahim


Nizar Ibrahim

Nizar Ibrahim is a paleontologist who scours the deserts of North Africa for clues to life in the Cretaceous period.
Sebastián Rozadilla


Sebastián Rozadilla

Sebastián Rozadilla investigates the evolution of some of the least studied groups of dinosaurs and travels throughout South America in search of new fossil remains.