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MAR 30, 2021 / 7 PM
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a MATRIX:MIDLAND presentation

Get a glimpse into the ocean’s greatest depths—and the fascinating creatures that live there—with two leading marine biologists. David Gruber searches the oceans for bioluminescent and biofluorescent marine species and designs delicate and noninvasive tools for studying and interacting with deep-sea life. Diva Amon participates in expeditions around the world to study the unusual animals living in a variety of deep-sea habitats—and how humans impact them. Through stories and conversation, they’ll shine a light on this dark, cold, and mysterious world.

This virtual event is a 60-minute LIVE show with two NAT GEO speakers and a NAT GEO moderator. Each show includes an introduction, approximately 20 minutes of pre-recorded NAT GEO speakers’ presentations and approximately 40 minutes live conversations and moderated Q & A.

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MAR 30 / 7 PM

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David Gruber

Marine Biologist

David Gruber

David Gruber is a marine biologist and 2014 National Geographic Emerging Explorer whose research spans marine biology, bioluminescence, submersible design, and animal communicatoin.
Diva Amon

Deep-Sea Biologist

Diva Amon

Diva Amon is a 2020 National Geographic Emerging Explorer who studies the weird and wonderful animals living in a range of previously unknown deep-sea habitats.