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Upcoming Opportunities

Studio Saturdays / Drawing Basics

DEC 3 / 10 AM

Explore value as you learn how to draw simple forms like spheres and cubes.  We will show you the tips and tricks to make your shapes appear three dimensional as we study the way light hits objects

Studio Saturdays / Sculpt It!

JAN 7 / 10 AM

Discover the basics of working with clay! We will experiment with different textures and forms as we play with clay.  Then, you will create your own mini coil pot using air dry clay! Take your project home and use paints to decorate it!

Studio Saturdays / Printmaking

FEB 4 / 10 AM

Learn more about different printmaking techniques and then create your own colorful print using simple materials that can be found at home.  You will also experiment with layering different colors!

Studio Saturdays / Jazzy Jewelry

MAR 4 / 10 AM

Learn about the various tools used in jewelry making as we create handmade beads. Students will also practice wire wrapping techniques to create their own ring, necklace, or keychain!

Studio Saturdays / Earth Day Art

APR 1 / 10 AM

Celebrate Earth Day early as you learn about a few artists that create amazing works of art using found objects.  Then, create your own found object hanging sculpture!

Studio Saturdays / Comic Book Artist

MAY 6 / 10 AM

Practice basic drawing techniques as we explore the artistic style of classic comics and graphic novels. Guests will learn the basic shapes and shading to make epic heroes and villains come to life on the page.