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Grades 2-5
On Demand Video Series
4 videos
$20 per Classroom

Illusionist Bill Blagg’s brand-new Magic Science Lab will have students on the edge of their the classroom or at they discover how science creates magic right before their very eyes!  During this digital “Arts Engagement” from Bill’s Magic Science Lab, students join Bill on a magic-filled exploration of fundamental scientific principles associated with the Scientific Method!  Every Magic Science Lab video and accompanying lessons is highly interactive & filled with educational science-based magic S.T.E.M. activities for students to explore making learning science fun & exciting!  All of the lessons presented meet national and state science standards.

Includes study guides and classroom support material.

Streaming February 15 - May 15, 2021


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Virtual Matinees can be purchased on their own OR bundled with a Virtual Workshop for $15 savings!

Science of Sound

Explore the science behind sound with interactive demonstrations. Investigate the role waves play in the creation of sound and experiment with loud vs. soft and high vs. low sounds. Grades K-5

Miraculous Matter

Students will explore the properties of matter as they discover the relationships between energy and matter. Students will explore chemical and physical changes with hands-on experiments and engaging demonstrations. Grades 5-8

Fantastic Forces

What is a force? How do forces impact our world and the way it moves? We will explore the basics of forces as we demonstrate the power of magnets, gravity and more. We will break down Newton’s Laws as we send objects flying and perform science ‘tricks.’ Grades 2-8

Fascinating Flight

Students will explore the science of flight as they learn about Bernoulli’s Principles and Newton’s Laws! Students will build their own unique flying contraption and put it to the test. Grades 5-8

Chef Cool

Students will investigate the physical properties of chemicals in solid, liquid and gaseous states, including the strange effects of extreme cold (liquid nitrogen and dry ice) has on everyday objects. Grades 5-8

This four-part virtual field trip includes:

Segment 1: Meet the Magic Man/The Secret Process: discover the "secret" 5 step process magicians use to make magic! (Length 7:22)

Segment 2: The Hook: explore the scientific principle that is the key to making a person float! (Length 6:25)

Segment 3: The Amazing Experiment: Can science make a person float? (Length 9:43)

Segment 4: How to Make a Pencil Float: Bill teaches students how to make a pencil float in mid-air! (Length 8:32)

Special Content

The Science of Magic

Illusionist Bill Blagg’s will have students on the edge of their the classroom or at they discover how science creates magic right before their very eyes!