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Bring the Center to Your Classroom with a Virtual Workshop!

Bring Midland Center for the Arts into your classroom with a live, hands-on, virtual workshop! Workshops last approximately 45 minutes and are available via Zoom or Google Meet. Supply kits which include all materials outside of classroom basics are available for an additional fee.

Virtual workshops are $50 per classroom. Supply kits for your classroom (up to 30 students) are available for drop off for an additional $50 (includes shipping). All programs are aligned with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. For a listing of standards met by specific programs, please email

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Students will explore rhythms from around the world as they learn how to play simple rhythm patterns as a group. Students will then create their own unique rhythm instrument. Grades PreK-5

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Students will explore both literary and artistic aspects of creating their own mini graphic novel. Students will discover the basics of illustration and narrative writing as they enhance their comic using dialogue and character development. Grades 3-8

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Come discover weather with our friends Chris, Sam, and June as they take us along on a weather story. Students will learn about the different types of clouds, weather, and seasons while being entertained with a puppet show! Following our story time, students will create their own weather wheel just like they used in the story. Grades PreK-2

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Students will learn about the engineering design process and the causes and effects of erosion as they work in teams to devise a way to prevent beach erosion. Grades 1-5

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Students will explore the properties of matter as they explore the relationships between energy and matter. Students will explore chemical and physical changes with hands-on experiments and engaging demonstrations. Grades 5-8

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Explore the wonders of past toys! Students will travel back in time as they learn and play with historical folk toys. They will learn to compare and relate to modern day toys! Grades PreK-3

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Virtual Student Matinees

Get on your feet for a season full of opportunities to engage your class with performances at the Center. Opportunities exist for you to bring your classroom into the Auditorium for a performance, or engaging virtual experiences to enjoy from the comforts of your classroom.

Scholarships/Bus Grants

Learn how you can benefit from and make performing and visual arts, science and history experiences accessible for everyone in the Great Lakes Bay Region with Midland Centers' Art from the Heart Scholarship Fund.

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