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Welcome, School Groups!

Students will explore the intersection between art and science through minds-on experiences in in the art galleries and exhibits. Please note that some exhibit spaces may not be available during your trip. For more information about exhibit availability during your visit, please contact us at [email protected].
Grades: All Ages
Cost: $5 per person

Sponsored By

Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art

Add-On Experiences for Groups

  • Fantastic Forces, Grades 2-8 / What is a force? How do they impact our world and the way it moves?  We will explore the basics of forces as we demonstrate the power of magnets, gravity and more.  We will break down Newton’s Laws as we send objects flying and perform science ‘tricks’. 

  • The Science of Sound, Grades K-5 / Explore the science behind sound with interactive demonstrations.  Investigate the role waves play in the creation of sound and experiment with loud vs. soft and high vs. low sounds. 
  • Magic of Electricity, Grades 3-12 / Discover how electricity affects the world in all forms through electromagnets, static electricity, plasma and more. Demonstrations include the Van de Graaf generator a hair raising experience! 
Demonstrations run approximately 30 minutes
Cost / $2 per person

Sponsored by Consumers Energy

Join us for engaging, discussion-based tours of our fine art galleries. Explore different artistic processes and techniques as you learn about the elements of art and principles of design. Curator-led tours are available for high school and adult groups, subject to availability.

Ages / High School to Adult
Cost / $2 per person

Tours run approximately 30 minutes

Spark!Lab® is a unique hands-on learning lab where visitors of all ages can explore what it means to be an inventor. Participants use their knowledge and provided materials to answer open-ended challenges. Creativity and collaboration abound in this safe space where if you fail it is just a first attempt in learning! 

Grades / PreK – 12
No cost but a reservation is required.
Sessions run approximately 30 minutes. Limit 25 students

Art Studio hands-on workshops offer students the opportunity to explore standard-aligned visual arts topics.

  • Three Simple Colors, Grades Preschool-1 /  Students will join us as we read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  Following our story time, students will experiment with primary colors, simple shapes, and line as they create a unique work inspired by Piet Mondrian.
  • Express Yourself, Grades 2-5 / Students will be introduced to the work of Paul Klee as they explore the relationship between colors, emotions, and more.  Students will create their own self-portraits inspired by Klee.
  • Introduction to Printmaking, Grades 6-8 / Students will learn about the techniques of printmaking as they make simple prints.  Students will draw influence from artworks of different cultures as they experiment with line and texture.

Cost / $2 per person, per activity
Activity runs approximately 30 minutes

Science Studio hands-on workshops offer students the opportunity to explore standards-aligned science topics. 

  • Amazing Magnets , Grades Preschool-K / Explore the movement of objects and the basic properties of magnets during an engaging story time. After, students will create a unique magnetic work of art.
  •  Operation Erosion, Grades 1-5 /Students will learn about the engineering design process and the causes and effects of erosion as they work in teams to devise a way to prevent beach erosion. 
  • Miraculous Matter, Grades 5-8 / Learn about the properties of matter and its relationship with energy. Plus, they'll explore chemical and physical changes with hands-on experiments and engaging demonstrations.
Cost / $2 per person, per activity
Activity runs approximately 30 minutes
Many of the Museum’s featured exhibitions are part of national or global tours. See our current exhibitions along with upcoming experiences that can be part of a group visit.

Art From the Heart Scholarships

A limited number of group field trip scholarships are available. Early application is recommended. Forms can be downloaded here or pick-up at the Ticket Office

Questions? Please call (989) 631-5930 x 1227.

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